New Dark Dark Dark merch

✿ Poster by Vinnie Smith (20”x30″ – woodcut on paper) – $30

Vinnie Smith of Brooklyn, NY made this stunning woodcut print. Paper color may differ slightly from photo.

✿ T-shirt by Samantha French (M-L-XL) – $12

You love Nona so much, you want her close to you at all times. If that’s not possible, you want an image of her to be rendered by Samantha French and then screenprinted onto a classic white T-shirt, so that you can wear it constantly.

✿ T-shirt by S. (S-M-L) – $12

Dark Dark Dark played a show in Belgium where the most enthusiastic member of the audience turned out to be an art professor who was about to retire from teaching. He was also extremely drunk. He insisted on drawing portraits of each band member and when he decided to include our friend Tod in the drawing. It proved too difficult to explain that Tod was not actually part of the band. He shaded the portrait with spilled wine and cigarette ash, and insisted that we should use it for whatever we wanted to. So here it is on a T-shirt : Dark Dark Dark and Tod Seelie. To make matters more confusing, Tod was wearing his big glasses. See if you can tell who is who.

Now available from Blood Onion‘s website !


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