Our good friend Angelo Spencer just released a 7” on K Records !


Artwork by Joel A. Brazzel

“My Music is My Sweat” began with a conversation between Karl Blau and Angelo Spencer about how music is similar to body odor and, like everyone’s stench, one’s music is also unique and identifiable. Angelo’s music is as raw as sweat. Recorded in one day on one take by Karl Blau, this 7” is a puddle of twitchy urgency. Generally a one man band, this recording is fleshed out with frantic drum fills and fidgety keys by L’Orchidee d’Hawaii soon after they finished a tour with Spencer. You can buy it here.

Also make sure to check out the cool documentary Frank Sorgues did about Angelo Spencer. It’s called “A French Pal Who Lives In USA” and can be watched here.


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