Welcome Back, Sailor #3 ! This thursday !

Jacob Faurholt by Þórdís Magnea Jónsdóttir

Jacob Faurholt by Þórdís Magnea Jónsdóttir

Oct. 15th, 2009
Jacob Faurholt + Man Meets Bear
Le Cagibi (5490 St Laurent) – Montreal, QC
8:30pm – PWYC

—> “Jacob Faurholt has an album of slightly gothic folk that may well appeal to lovers of the work of Adrian Crowley and early Bright Eyes. It’s entitled “Are You In The Mood For Love ?” and the Nick Cave influence starts to infiltrate your mind by the second track, the dusty and sinister “A Fish In A Bowl”, all spaghetti-western woo-hoos, twangy guitar splinters, snaky percussion and lyrics that really reminds me of Julian Cope’s more forboding moments. As a long playing collection, there’s more than enough satisfactory moments on this Dane’s third album to ensure a pleasing ride. His voice has a rich, harmoious character and the playing is tender and accomplished with enough traditional flourishes to appease the old guard whilst including possibly the most jarring Jandek like solo on “Rusty Country Cage”. This album will serve you singer/songwriter obsessives well !”

– Brian of Norman Records



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