What a Mess ! Records is pleased to announce the release of Annabeth McNamara‘s new album ! All of the 8 songs on “Extra Orchard” were recorded in Olympia, WA during the blizzard of 2009 by the amazing Bob Schwenkler (from Bicycle Recordings, who’s worked, among many others, with Polka Dot Dot Dot, June Madrona and Lake). A whole bunch of banjo playing, some push-pedal organ, a touch of trumpet and a sad piano ballad for rainy winter days. Think Gillian Welch and Mirah.

Pre-order your copy by visiting our store here. 8€/$10 + postage/shipping.

The official release date is Sept. 29th but as soon as we get your payment, we will send you a link to download the full album (320kbps MP3’s), the artwork and a lovely homemade video for the song “Mirror Eyes”.

And for 13€/$15 + postage/shipping, you get “Extra Orchard” + any other release from our back catalogue (Dark Dark Dark’s EP is long-time sold-out, sorry). Just make sure to let us know which one when ordering.

Annabeth is touring Europe for the very first time this Fall : Bruxelles, Paris, Rennes, Nantes, Toulouse, Lyon, Zurich, Munich… A US tour will follow in December. See all tour dates here.


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