Good news, everyone! Profondo Rosso’s ‘400 Arbres’ is now officially out!

It’s the first in a new series of releases that celebrate the beauty and diversity of trees. We asked the band to pick one specific tree and write 2 or 3 songs somehow related to it. They picked 400 and ended up recording over 24 minutes of new music. Beautiful, dark, spooky instrumental music. Who’d complain?

Each copy comes as a 21” x 14” poster conveniently folded to the size of a 7”, with a download card embedded with wildflower seeds (planted under a thin layer of soil and watered, it will blossom!) and a hand-stamped CD.

We only made 250 of these so now is a good time if you wanna get your hands on it! Order your copy from our online store (€7/$8 postage not included) or pay a nice little visit to your local independent record shop (click here for a full list of our retailers).


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