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From our Toulouse HQ, we’re sooo happy to announce the release of David Simard’s new album, ‘The Heavy Wait’, on September 15th, 2017!

The majority of ‘The Heavy Wait’ was recorded in a charged live-off-the-floor session in Arcade Fire’s old ‘Petite Église’ studio in Farnham, Québec. Waves of horns and lap steel guitar, sparsely placed piano, and haunting clarinet lines recorded later in Paris and Vancouver rush to complement the live performances. Eleven songs written over a period of eight years spent between Montréal, Paris, Vancouver, and Dorreen – an abandoned mining town in Northern British Columbia. Eleven songs that hold in balance both a dark smouldering energy and an airy relief – both valley bottom and mountain summit. An album with a palpable intensity that remains somehow soothing. 

‘A set of lush, twangy tracks that range from wistful to whimsical.’
– Sarah Murphy (Exclaim!)

‘An atmospheric, brooding, and compelling collection of dark-yet-pretty folk songs that artfully wend their way into one’s brain, and lodge there.’
– David Morisson (Folk Radio)

For the first time, we’re teaming up with our good pals at Microcultures to run the pre-orders! It’s been up for a little while now and you have until June 25th to secure yourself a copy. And not only can you get ‘The Heavy Wait’ on vinyl, CD or digital but there’s also some fancy options that include – amongst other things – an unreleased live album, a beautiful 16 x 20” screenprinted poster and even a private concert! Holy moly!